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Install MS Office setup via

Install MS Office setup via

Installing & Activation MS Office setup Process you can call toll-free number: +1-855-619-5888

You will receive an Office setup product key via email. Open a new tab and redeem the key then Active your account.
Microsoft Account you’ll use for anything you gain bearing in mind than If you use a Microsoft facilitates at the forefront, One Drive, Xbox Live, or Skype, you already have an account.

  • 1. First, check your computer or mobile device to make sure it meets system requirements for running Microsoft Office. Go to products. /office-system-requirements. Then scroll down and click the plus sign to the left of each Office product to see the computer requirements. Click Mobile devices near the top of the page to find mobile device requirements.

  • 2. If your computer or device meets the requirements, go to
  • 3. Find your Product Key, a 25-character code, located on your receipt or on the back of the card inside your product packaging.

  • 4. Enter the Product Key and click Next.
  • 5. From there, you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • 6. If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can follow our Do It Yourself article to create one.

  • 7. Once you're signed in to your account, you'll be able to access and manage your Office products and subscriptions.
  • 8. Select your Office product, click Install and follow any additional prompts to complete the installation.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Reasons Why Microsoft Office Training Online Is the Way to Go

Many companies and individuals worldwide use Microsoft Office as their chosen software to drive themselves or their business forward. Learning all products in this software suite of applications is not always as straight forward as one would imagine. However, one option worth considering is Microsoft Office training online.
Learn from the comfort of your home
There are many advantages to learning online. For one, you will not have to leave your home, providing of course you have a connection to the internet. For some it could mean travelling long distances or even expensive ticket or gas prices are needed to get them to their learning establishment destination. Learning from the comfort of your own home will eliminate the above mentioned problems of travelling and ticket prices.
Individual tuition…courtesy
In a traditional learning environment you will have a trainer who will address the whole class. You may find if you needed to reinforce your understanding of a particular topic, you would like a certain part of the course repeated, However, this may not be possible and the teacher may well want to move on due to limited time. There will be a certain amount of information the teacher will need to get through within the time frame of the course itself. If you had access to Microsoft Office training online then you would be able to pause, rewind, forward any part of the video tutorial until you finally understood the point being made.
Easy access
We live in an age of mobile communications. People tend to work from their laptops or mobile phones. There is now also the option of the tablet in the form of the iPad and its many competitors. The addition of the internet and Wi-Fi allows us to access our work from almost anywhere. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop or library and getting access to all your Microsoft Office training online. You could be sitting in your favourite park and learning from there. What about sitting on a train or bus and learning? It really is a more convenient way of working.
Cost effective
Because there are no physical trainers, staff, premises or paper based notes, it is easy to keep the costs down. Everything is held online and this has the advantage of being cost effective for you.
No more large expensive books
When a new software product arrives on the market it has always been our common instinct to head down to a book store and invest in a book. If it is a computer related book then there is a good chance that this book will be large and bulky. Do you really want another of these sitting on your shelf in the knowledge that in a few years you may be adding yet another one alongside it when a newer version of the software is released? Large books can also be quite expensive. Learning online means you do not have to necessarily invest in a costly bulky book because you can have access to online material in the form of PDF or document files.
No need for schedules
You may find the course you want to take is not currently offered by a college. It could be that they intend to offer it a few months down the line. This is not much use to you if you are eager to learn immediately. Also courses can be discontinued or have to be scheduled in at times to suit the college. When you enrol on Microsoft Office training online you will not be restricted by schedules and can learn anytime.
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Monday, December 17, 2018

How to install and synchronize Office setup OneNote on an iPad?

Microsoft Office setup apps have been developed for the user with different comfort, whether they like to access it on their personal computer or on iOS device. One such app by from the Office setup productivity suite is, OneNote that entitles users to create notebooks and sections on OneDrive from your Android or iOS devices. You can perform many other tasks as well, but for that, you need to have an active subscription of office setup so you can download and install the app to work on it.
Besides installing, if you wish to synchronize the Office setup OneNote to your iPad from your computer, make sure you have an active account on In case you do not have an active account on then create your account and enter your Office setup product key in the field to access licensed account.
Once done, follow the procedure to install Microsoft Office setup OneNote on your iPad.

Steps to install and synchronize Office com setupOneNote on iPad

  1. Tap App Store to launch it
  2. Browse for Microsoft Office OneNote to download and press the search icon to have options
  3. Tap on OneNote icon and proceed to download it
  4. Tap Get it
  5. If a license and agreement page appears, tap on the checkbox to mark and allow the installation
  6. Now, tap on the Office setup OneNote icon to launch it on the screen
  7. Use your account credentials associated with or Microsoft account to login
  8. Follow the prompts and sync your PC’s OneNote data with your iPad or any iOS device
You have successfully synchronized OneNote with your iPad. You can now easily access and create notes even you are enjoying your vacation or on the way to workplace. OneNote on iPad gives you the freedom to make notes anytime, anywhere.

How to Create Cortana Reminders Based on Location, Time, Person, and Link |

Windows 10 users can use Cortana to remind them regarding some tasks they need to complete when they are in a specific location or web link. Users can also add reminders that are based on a contact. If they want to get reminded bout something at a specific time, then they can create time-based Cortana reminders. Here’s how you can do that:
How to Create Cortana Reminders Based on Location, Time, Person, and Link

Creating Location-Based Reminders with Cortana

  1. Launch Cortana
  2. Press the menu icon located at the upper left corner.
  3. Press the Reminder option.
  4. Now, hit the plus icon to add a new reminder.
  5. Key in the information for the reminder.
  6. Now, navigate to Place.
  7. Choose the location from the pull-down menu.
  8. Select the Done option.
  9. Hit Remind to set the reminder.

Creating Time-Based Reminders With Cortana

  1. Launch Cortana.
  2. Open the menu by clicking on the burger icon located at the upper left.
  3. Select Notebook.
  4. Click on Reminders.
  5. Hit the Add New Reminder option located at the lower right side.
  6. Add the details.
  7. Go to Time.
  8. Choose from the options: 30 Minutes, 1 hour, and Tomorrow.
  9. Alternatively, select Another Time.
  10. Enter the custom time.
  11. Make all the necessary changes.
  12. Click on the Remind button to execute the task.

Creating Person-Based Reminders With Cortana

  1. Launch Cortana.
  2. Navigate to the Menu option situated at the upper left corner.
  3. Now, select the Reminders option by going to the Notebook tab.
  4. Press the plus icon.
  5. Insert the information for the reminder.
  6. Select the Person option.
  7. Choose a contact from the list.
  8. Now, hit the Remind button to add the reminder.

Creating Link-Based Reminders With Cortana

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge.
  2. Go to the website you wish to use for creating the reminder.
  3. Hit the Share icon from the toolbar.
  4. Now, from the right Share pane, select the option called Cortana Reminders.
  5. Now, the reminder based on the webpage will be added.
  6. Add what you want to be reminded about.
  7. Hit the Save button.
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Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Optimize and Defrag Windows 10 Drives?

For proper functioning of the computer system, it is necessary to improve the performance of your computer and to help with this Windows 10 performs disk defragmentation once a week for hard drives. But now, by the default settings, the disk fragmentation automatically runs on a weekly schedule at a specific time which is already set in the automatic maintenance of your computer system. Also, you can manually optimize or defragmentation of your drives on your computer system.
However, disk defragmentation now re-arranges all the pieces of data which spread across your hard drive and stored them again. Whenever the files are written to disk, it is broken into many pieces as there is not sufficient adjacent space to easily store the comprehensive file on time, thus file become fragmented.
Generally, defragmentation decreases the file fragmentation thus improving the speed by which the data is written and read to disk which ultimately increases the performance of your computer system. While the disk fragmentation also helps in cleaning the disk, therefore, increasing the overall storage capacity.
Here we will discuss the complete steps of how to optimize and defrag Windows 10 drives.
Steps to Optimize and Defrag Windows 10 Drive
Before continuing the process, we suggest you create a restore point on your system it will protect your data if something goes wrong. And follow the steps in a given sequence to make steps easier. Here how to do it:
  1. Click the Windows + E keys together to open File Explorer.
  2. Then, double-click on the ThisPC option.
  3. Right-click on any hard drive partition that you want to run defragmentation for.
  4. After that, choose Properties option.
  5. Change it to Tool tab and then click on the “Optimize” in the Optimize and defragment the drive.
  6. Choose the drive for which you want to run defragmentation for.
  7. Next, click on the Analyze button and check it needs to be optimized.
Note: check if your drive is fragmented more than 10%, then it should be optimized.
8. To optimize the drive, click on the Optimize button.
9. Wait for a few minutes; the defragmentation process will take some time which depends upon the size of your disk.
10. Close all the tabs.
11. And finally, restart your system.
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The best ways to Access the Activity and Workout Applications on Apple Watch |

Smartwatch is a recorder of your daily activities and workouts. It is a tool for your health and fitness which helps you keep your regular movement record, have workout goals, and contribute to knowing your more activity that you have not done yet. Smartwatch main objective is to prevent users be healthy by helping them all and that is the reason Smartwatch had this feature.
Whether you have been eaten burgers for too long, smartwatch only thing wants you to be motivated and healthy. Smartwatch has too many apps to make users healthy.
Following Daily Activities
1.    Start the Activity app on Smartwatch.
2.    Move left to the “Move, Exercise, and Stand” and Press Get Started.
3.    Type personal information like gender, age, weight, and height.
4.    Move to the Digital Crown to put the information and click to Continue.
5.    Press Start Moving.
6.    On iOS use the Apple Watch application to type the information, in the health column.
Apple Watch will do observation after you enter information. Your heart rate starts counting once you take a run, spin class or brisk walk it will go to your activity rings. There are three types of rings.
•    The Move ring.
•    The Exercise ring.
•    The Stand ring.
How to see your progress
1.    Go up on the Smartwatch.
2.    Go to Activity Glances.
3.    Press the Glances to start the Activity App.
4.    Hit to view individual activities.
5.    Move the Digital Crown to view the activity as a graph.
6.    On the Activity app in your iOS, you can see the information.
How to see Activity Achievements
In Apple Watch you can check your daily activity achievements like working out daily records, finishing all of your remaining activities, achieving fitness goals etc.
1.    Start the Apple Watch application on iOS.
2.    Press the Achievement option.
3.    Click an achievement to view your progress.
How to set your Goals
Smartwatch is keeping in mind your previous activities, update your further goals every Monday.
1.    Start the Apple Watch application on iOS.
2.    Touch on the display screen until you see an action to set up your previous goal.
3.    Modify your goal according to your flexibility.
How to Control Notifications on Apple Watch
Smartwatch helps you to get the day to day reminders about your activities you have to do.You can turn a few or all of them off whether you are not getting a notification.
1.    Start the Apple Watch application on iOS.
2.    Click My Watch.
3.    Press Activity.
Following Workouts
Steps to start a Workout
Smartwatch helps you to record your daily activities of workouts. You can set your goals depending on the duration of time, how much calories you want to burn, or what will be the distance.
1.    Start the Workout application.
2.    Select the type of workout you are still doing like rowing, running, cycling etc. Tap workouts, Smartwatch get to know your most liking exercise and put it on the top for you.
3.    Move to left or right to select a calorie, time, or goal
4.    When you are prepared to go through your workouts, click Start.
Steps to pause your workout
If you have any other urgent work to do, then you can pause a workout at any time you wish to by clicking the display screen. Click Resume to start your workout again.
Steps to end your workout You don’t want to continue this or wanted to stop your workout then click on the display screen after this press End. Move the Digital Crown to see your result summary. If you’re going to save your review, then click Save otherwise click Delete.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Office Setup Whiteboard app launches new colors of pen, background & more

Microsoft Office setup has come with its most recent updates in Whiteboard app. Since the user engagement on Whiteboard has increased, Microsoft team decided to make it even better and therefore, introduced 10 vibrant pen colors, where the thickness of the pen is adjustable, so you can go from thick highlights to think underlines.
With this new approach, users can play with their own creativity and produce fast designs. Now that you are free to work as flexible as you wish, you can become more productive now. Besides users, who do not have Whiteboard, they cannot enjoy the innovative features of this app.
To be more resourceful, go to and log in using your Microsoft or Office setup account details, purchase a subscription, and get started with the Whiteboard app of Microsoft Office com setup. If you skip the step of purchasing the software, you will not get the access to the app for it is only accessible to licensed users as of now.

An office setup subscription will entitle to your these Whiteboard features

Create an open classroom or conference place to share ideas using the medium of Microsoft Whiteboard.
Moreover, with the changes that have been introduced recently allows you to color your figures with vivid shades and intensities. This new update in Office setup Whiteboard has nine choices for board paint and eight types of gridlines, creating a colorful background will be fun.
As soon as you get a licensed access to, changing Whiteboard’s background color will be open for you. Until now, Whiteboard has only allowed users to write on white background. In addition, for users who have devices with no pen inputs, Microsoft Office development team has given a supplementary support for text entry with the keyboard so they can enjoy the new asset as well.